Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Litter in Singapore

Singapore is the cleanest city/country I have ever been to. The streets are so clean you can practically eat off of them. Well, that is except for two places. The first I saw was Little India.

The other place? Why, Chinatown of course! Hahahaha. Has there ever been a clean Chinatown anywhere in the world? I don't know. Not in my experience. "Clean Chinatown" is like an oxymoron.

Not litter free in Chinatown.

As for Little India... I'm reminded of a joke told to me by a Malaysian I met in Tokyo and again in Kuala Lumpur.

The Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew (LKY), once visited India. He was warmly welcomed by Gandhi, who took him to view many places in India. After sightseeing, LKY has this to say to Gandhi, 'All the places I have visited in India are dirty, filthy and untidy. you should see how clean Singapore is!'

A month later, Gandhi made a visit to Singapore. LKY brought him to Compass Rose for dinner. Gandhi who was unhappy with LKY insult, tried to find some dirty places in Singapore to return the insult.

He took a pair of binoculars and look all around singapore to find a place which is dirty, but could find none. Finally, Gandhi after 10 mins of searching, saw a place which is very dirty and untidy.

He signaled to LKY and ask him to take a look. Gandhi said, 'This particular place is extremely dirty and untidy. Can you tell me where it is?'

LKY took a look from the binos and said with a smile, 'Oh, that is Little India.'

In defense of both Little India and Chinatown, most of the areas were indeed litter free, I just found a few spots where it was dirty. ;-)

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Hostels Barcelona said...

I have been twice to singapore is one of my favorite big cities in Asia, although i have to say about your post that sometimes is not that clean, in late august, when i was there the second time, it was some indian tradition in the Indian quarter and they were making fire on the streets and never pick the ashes up, nobody say a word....so yeah, you right about the cleaness, but not always