Thursday, April 30, 2009

Singapore Day 1: Little India

I passed through Little India really quickly, so I don't have many pictures here. Unlike, say Orchard street, Little India wasn't all that clean. One of the few places where Singapore is dirty. Where is the other place?

There's litter on the ground in Singapore's Little India! Litter in Singapore??? Say it ain't so! Well, this isn't the only area. The other area is... guess! I'll have pictures of that place in another post.

A menu of Indian Muslim food.

A menu of Indian Muslim food.

A market selling fresh fruits and vegetables in Little India.

Another look at some more veggies in Little India.

I want to say that the smells of Indian spices filled the air making my mouth water at every turn... but it didn't. It didn't smell very good until you got right next to the restaurant. I figured I would have time to come back and try some Indian food so I decided to move on to Orchard Street. Too bad I was wrong about coming back... oh well, I'll just have to go to India to try some authentic Indian food (or I guess some good Indian places back home).

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