Thursday, November 20, 2008

Osaka Food

Like I said in my last post Osaka is a food lover's paradise. You can get Osaka style foods like Osaka style Okonomiyaki and oshi-zushi. You can get Korean food at the korea town. You can get takoyaki at almost all the tourist sites.

Osaka style Okanomiyaki
If you saw my Hiroshima Food section you have been introduced to okanomiyaki. Osaka Okanomiyaki is a similar but it does not have noodles. Also the ingredients are mixed up instead of layered. It's quite good, and if you're there you should try it. That said I prefer Hiroshima style okanomiyaki.

Oshi-zushi is an Osaka style of sushi. I didn't get any but I think it's worth mentioning because it's a well known Osaka food. Oshi-zushi is a style of sushi using cooked fish and seasoning pressed into wooden boxes making little rectangles. I found a link teaching you how to make your own Oshi-zushi.

I don't know if this is an Osaka food, but I saw it everywhere in Osaka. It looks really good doesn't it? They are octopus in fried batter. Special thanks to Jenn for telling me what they were called. I didn't know while I was in Japan, I just pointed at them.

Here's a video I found of some Osaka foods:

Here's random pictures of some of the foods I ate:

I got this Japanese sausage at Osaka Castle. For meat on a stick it was expensive.

Garlic Bread.... yum!

Pizza! Yes I ate the whole thing myself in one sitting. Yes I still lost weight in Japan.



I must have bought at least 20 of these Ice Creams while in Japan

Ramen with pork

Assorted Tempura

I got this for about $6 at a local market. I went late at night so everything was marked down. I was quite pleased. Cheap living in Japan.

More pizza! I ate the whole thing again. Yep, I do love pizza.

A random restaurant window displaying dishes
colorful waffles


Jennifer said...

Yay! Thanks for the shoutout!

Rich said...

mmmmmmmm the food looks just too good to believe. We are off to Japan next year and now I have some food options to look out for. Great article.