Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kyoto - Ryoanji Zen Garden

Ryoanji Temple is the most famous Zen Garden in Japan. It dates back to the 15th century and is said to hide infinite truths in the riddle of rocks and sand patterns displayed there. It is very crowded due to it's popularity, but people are respectful and quiet. Most people just sit and look but you'll see a few foreigners trying to meditate.

You can walk around and enjoy the pond, trees, and the restaurant located inside the compound. If you're interested in the vegetarian tofu cuisine of Kyoto you can try the restaurant inside the compound. I know I said I'm trying new things on this trip.... but half my family is vegetarian so I already know I don't like vegetarian food! =P I didn't try it.

Ryoanji Temple Entrance

mini rock garden

Tsukubai - a unique wash basin stone.
Tsukubai up close. The words mean: I learn only to be contented, an important Zen philosophy.


Kristin said...

I stumbled upon your blog randomly just by clicking the "next" button. Love your pictures and the fact that you are backpacking around Asia. GOOD LUCK! AND BE SURE TO VISIT SINGAPORE :)

Vagabond Vince said...

Thank you! I'm actually going to Singapore tomorrow morning. =)