Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Singapore Day 3: Sentosa

Sentosa is a small island resort just off Singapore. There are beaches, little rides, etc. There are talks to add some casinos to the island making it sort of like Macau.

Sentosa Island Map

Though Sentosa was highly recommended to me I found it extremely boring. There's nothing special about the beaches. There are tons of better ones in SE Asia. The rides are kind of lame, and the shows not that interesting.

Some girls working for Sentosa Island.

How you get to Sentosa.

View from the Sky Tram.

Wanna dress like a flight attendent from Singapore Airlines?

Merlion Statue

A snack for a hot and humid afternoon.
Water wadding area.

Insect Kingdom. I skipped this but thought I might as well take a picture.

A resort at Sentosa.

Sentosa Beach.

Beach at Sentosa.

Beach at Sentosa.

Sentosa Beach.

Dude in speedo.... nasty.

Sky ride.

View from Sky ride.

Singapore from Sentosa.

Luge ride.

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