Thursday, May 14, 2009

Singapore Day 2: Bugis Village

Now that I had seen the Malay Heritage Center and the Sultan Mosque I was ready for a little shopping, so I headed off to find some electronics, but along the way I walked right into Bugis Village. Bugis Village is a little shopping area, they have fresh fruits, fresh fruit juice, and tons of clothing and accessories (I think fake). There are lots of young people shopping for clothes, and everyone else there for the fruits and juice.

Bugis Village

Come get some fruit.

Fake Watches

It's packed inside with young people shopping for clothes.


JizzSaw Hair Bar. Yes, this place is real. No, I did not get my hair cut there.... NO WAY!
Then again I don't think anyone else did either because the place looked like it was closed.

Sugarcane juice.

The shirt reads: No Job? no problem! No car? no problem! No money? no problem! Guess what? No date!!!
Hey... that's me! No job, no car, no money, and no date... but I'll tell you what, it's freaking awesome!

Police Cameras, they're everywhere in Singapore.

Street Performers.

The price of shorts.

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