Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Singapore Day 2: Arab Street

Day 2 in Singapore had me walking all over the city (In this post I'll just cover the first stop). After leaving my hostel and a quick cheap meal in Chinatown I hopped on the subway and headed off to Arab Street.

The beginning of Arab Street.

Shops along Arab Street.

Silk Shops were common.

Hookahs for sale along Arab Street.

Approaching the rear of the Sultan Mosque.

Muslim women in Singapore. They cover themselves with a shawl, cover their arms and legs, but it's not as strict as in the middle east.

Another Muslim lady.

Muslim men and women wait to cross the street. They might be heading over to the Sultan Mosque to pray, it was almost noon.

Sultan Mosque
The Sultan Mosque is the major place of worship for Muslims in Singapore. It was build in 1928.

Sultan Mosque

The Sultan Mosque

Inside the Sultan Mosque.

If you want to go inside the Mosque you need to be dressed properly. For men that means your knees should be covered, so no shorts, and even if your shorts cover your knees they may not accept that. You also need to cover your shoulders. For women, your whole body must be covered, no shorts, short skirts, tanks tops, no midriffs, etc. I think you get the idea. You can however wear one of these gowns. They are like graduation robes and they cover your whole body.

People wearing the gowns.

Women pray upstairs in a separate area of the Mosque.

Visitors are not allowed upstairs.

Islam's prophet Muhammad's last Sermon.

Sounds from the Sultan Mosque around Noon, time for praying.

After visiting the Mosque I decided to drop by some of the Arab Restaurants and get some grub. This is beef mutebak.

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