Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Skip the line at the Coliseum

Planning to visit the Coliseum? Awesome! The lines? Not cool. The lines at the Coliseum are really long, like Disneyland long if not longer. I would suggest you get there as early as you can. However there is a trick to skip the line. Right across from the Coliseum is the Palatino where you can buy a combination ticket for both the Palatino AND the Coliseum. The lines here are pretty much nonexistent. I believe you can just take the ticket and go back to the Coliseum, but I went ahead and visited the Paltino since I was there.

When you're ready head over to the Coliseum and follow the signs for people that already have tickets. You'll bypass the huge line of people trying to buy their tickets and walk right in. As I breezed past all those people I couldn't help but feel smug and think "suckers!!!!"

Bypass the ridiculous lines by getting a combination ticket at the Palatino.

My combination ticket for the Palatino and Coliseum.

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