Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rome Day 2 - Appia Antica

Next it was off to see the Catacombs and the Appian Way. The Appian Way was one of Rome's earliest and most important roads with the original part built in 312 BC. It connected Rome to the southern part of what is now Italy. However after the fall of the Western Roman Empire the road fell out of use. In 1784 Pope Pius IV ordered the road restored and so the Appia Antica was built parallel to the old road. The pictures here aren't that exciting, oh well.

Ah, off to the Appia Antica!

Whaaaat???? Closed? Damnit! I decided to walk down what I could since the rest of it was closed.

Map of the area.

Appia Antica

Some old ruined structure along the road.

Cars still drive on this very old road.

Appia Antica

Some people enjoying a picnic with food they brought.

I wonder how old that wall is.

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