Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lucky - Featuring Prague's Old Town Square!

Okay so I'm about two years late with this song, but I have a good excuse. In 2008 I was wandering around aimlessly in Asia. I'm usually not into poppy songs but this once has a nice melody and more importantly it features Prague's Old Town Square! Look at the background when the guy (Jason Mraz) is on Camera. That's all Prague. You'll see the Astronomical Clock, a view from Charles Bridge, the cobblestone roads there, and more.

The song is called Lucky by Jason Mraz. This version features Ximena SariƱana, a Mexican singer. I embedded the Spanish version because I like it better than the English version. I think Ximena is pretty good and I'm sure you're tired of the original anyway. I don't understand Spanish but I generally don't listen to lyrics anyway, mainly melodies and harmonies. If you like it, you can buy this version from amazon, or you can get Ximena's album Mediocre.

Official Video on Youtube here (they don't allow embedding, boooo).

The played out English version can be seen here, or bought here.

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