Thursday, December 2, 2010

Foods from the Czech Republic

I ate hot dogs like every day. After Amsterdam, Munich and Prague I was left thinking "Dude, Europeans just eat hot dogs all day. What the hell?"

McDonalds has shrimp in the Czech Republic. They had it in Amsterdam as well though I didn't try any there.

Bavarian Sausage (or as I called it: a really big hot dog)

Yes they put mayo on their sausages. gross, i know.

grilling sausage at the old town square


I bought this Trdelnik to eat. It looked a lot better than it tasted. However I should note that I later saw other places spread things like chocolate, peanut butter, etc on the inside of it. Mine didn't get anything.

Potatoes! Mmmm.

My Potatoes

Langose stand

The Langose was really good. Looking at this makes me want to get some more, but I probably never will ever again.

I went to Cream & Dream on the recommendation of Sir Toby's. It was good, though I wouldn't say spectacular.
The people working at Sir Toby's said it was the best ice cream in Prague. Maybe, it was good, but it was also on their map, meaning Cream & Dream had paid Sir Toby's to be on their tourist map.
My ice cream and Ching Yee's ice cream.

Cheese cake from Cream & Dream. Yes, ice cream AND cheese cake. I'm such a fatass, I know.

59 krown salami pizza.

My strawberry juice.

Ching Yee's coffee.

Another sausage for me!

Ching Yee was getting homesick so we went to a Chinese restaurant.


The people working there thought we couldn't use chopsticks once they found out I'm American.

Eurohotdog. The bun doesn't open up, it just has a hole you put the sausage in. The condiments go inside the hole.

Beef goulash with dumplings. The dumplings are just those pieces of bread. There's nothing in them. I felt cheated, but that's what they are. I later found out from a friend that dumplings just mean steamed dough. I think they should just call it BREAD.

Fried pork filet.

Americka sandwich. I had to order it cuz it was called that. It's basically just a meatball sandwich.

Another bravarian sausage.

A nasty cheap pastry.

In the markets of Prague the locals by bread like this for SUPER CHEAP. We're talking like 2 krown or less per bread.

More cheap bread.

cheap bread

cheap bread

cheap bread

I had one cheap bread for breakfast one day. It's quit airy in the middle, not very filling.

I got this crappy meal at a casino. I was wandering around and got hungry so I just dropped in and got this.

I got this at the train station in Kutna Hora. It's sekana v housce and it cost 20 krowns.

Pork and Potatoes. A boring and bland meal but it did the trick. I got this at Kurna Hora. The white stuff on top of the pork is cheese.

A cheap meal I made from stuff I bought at a market run by a Vietnamese man. I was getting a little tired of the slight prejudice I was running into now and then in Prague. I didn't feel like pumping much of my money into their economy at this point so I decided to get this cheap stuff.

Tea and cake from Prague's Heaven.

Subway and tram map


Karmin said...

Hi there, I´m native Czech and I must say your post is quite funny :-)
First of all, you obviously are an easy target for all those who want to flay the tourists. 59 Crowns for a piece of pizza? Man, where have you bought that? Normal price is like 25. There are many kinds of dumplings. Those white you had are eaten as a side dish like rice or potatoes, that´s why they have no filling. But you also can have dumplings filled with minced meat or fruit like plums or apricots.
You use the word "BREAD" too often. It is really BIG difference between dumplings, Czech dark bread (like that one you had in casino) and white rolls and buns you call "cheap bread" (and believe me I do not consider it cheap, it used to be for half its price some year ago)
Anyway, next time try to get to someones home and try to eat with his family. It will be much better ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm a native Czech too and I can only post ROFL :D