Sunday, December 19, 2010

A few random pictures of Rome

Here's a few random pictures I took.

Castel Sant Angelo.

Campo de Fiori at the end of the open air market. Executions used to happen here during Roman times.

That nun walking off was checking out lingerie, hilarious.

This is the lingerie the nun was checking out. What does a nun need lingerie for? Underwear sure, but sexy underwear? That seems wrong.

Piazza del Quirinale

Align Center
Shopping carts in Rome. They had the ones we are accustom to as well.

There are cameras everywhere on the streets of Rome.

Fontana di Trevi. Throw a coin over your shoulder and you're supposed to return to Rome sometime.

boxers for tourists
boxers for tourists

This older lady here was beeped twice by Italian drivers. It's customary for Italian men to beep at women they find attractive. Italian men are very aggressive. I suppose Italian women are used to it because this lady seemed to not even notice it. Tourist women on the other hand seem to find this annoying. The Korean architect student I met was so afraid of Italian men she stopped going out at night. An Italian man had asked to kiss her and she refused; she was now scared. I felt bad for her and we went out for dinner later, but before that she had just been staying inside every night. To avoid this women should wear dark sunglasses and use headphones to pretend to not hear anything. You don't have to turn on any music, just give the appearance of not listening.

Fora Traiano

S Maria di Loreto - Colonna Traiana - SS Nome di Maria
I Fori Traiano
I Fori Traiano

S Maria di Loreto - Colonna Traiana - SS Nome di Maria

Coliseum and Palatino

Via S. Pietro in Carcere

The Roman Forum

The Coliseum

Sometimes rome can be a dump
See... a dump

Santa Maria Maggiore

No sitting on the steps!
So much for no sitting on the steps.

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