Monday, January 25, 2010

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

After the overnight train ride was over we pulled into the main train station in Malaysia: KL Sentral. Yes, they spell "central" with a S. There are quite a few words where they use the sounds of English as their spelling in different ways than I'm used to.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I made it! This was my first view of the city.

This was my second.... Now I believe POS Malaysia is their Postal Service. Do they know POS is an acronym for something else? Well, at least it is in my mind....

After disembarking from the over night train at KL Sentral I was greeted with this sign. That's kinda f-ed up.

I bought my ticket from KL Sentral to Masjid Jamek where my hostel was at.

Map to my Hotel: Serrai Inn

I made it to my stop Masjid Jamek without any problems. However, finding my hostel: Serrai Inn was not easy. The hostel provided me with this map, however I had the damnest time finding it. In other words I couldn't. I was quite lost. By this point I considered myself a veteran traveler and being lost wasn't a problem. Generally I could figure my way around with maps or ask for directions. however this map... well, it sucked. It wasn't to scale and I couldn't find the streets. I ended up wandering around the edges of the Chinatown there before heading in the right direction. People I asked kinda pointed me in the direction but didn't seem to know where it was. I was lost, hungry, and I just wanted to relax. I gave up and hailed a cab. I negotiated the rate before hand, which was a total ripoff because the cab driver drove like 1 block and I was there. Oh well, go figure.

So anyway Serrai Inn was a nice place. I opted for the shared rooms as it was pretty cheap. I don't remember the price anymore but I wanna say it was from 5-8 US Dollars a day. I met some really nice people there. I'll get to that later or just update this post. Right now I'm lazy.

Serrai Inn was run by a nice Chinese Malaysia Couple, as in both of them are ethnically Chinese but citizens of Malaysia. The Malay people are the majority in the country, but after that there are quite a few Chinese people that migrated to and now live in Malaysia. Most are from either the Fuken or Canton Province I believe. Unlike most Asian Americans I know, the Chinese Malaysians can still read, write, and speak Chinese.

The bunks in my room.

Computers in the lounge area. There was also wifi.

TV area and Dinning table. Everyone used their computer on the table when it wasn't meal time.

Our little breakfast area.

Outside the hostel the streets looked like that.

Yep, Malaysia is a Muslim country. Look at the mom with her kids. See how she's dress? All covered up and with a shawl to cover her head and hair. Notice that she dresses more colorful than the traditional image we're used to seeing of Muslim women in America: as in she's not in all black.

Next up.... I visit my first mosque.

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