Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Random Singapore Pictures

I loved Singapore. Friendly people, modern city, cleanest place I have ever been (puts Japan to shame), easy public transportation, and everyone speaks English. I will look forward to going back some day.

Map of Singapore

Map of Singapore

Wash and Blow, 3 bucks in Singapore

A tourist pass that might save you money if you're interested.

A bum by the Hawker Center in Chinatown. Housing is subsidized and certain quotas are maintained by the government of ethnic groups in neighborhoods (i think....). Housing is of course in high demand, and this guy rents his home and saves all the money in the bank by being a real vagabond. It's fairly shameful, but you can't stop him.

St Andrew's Cathedral.

Challenger - kinda like the Best Buy in Singapore. Singaporeans need to buy membership to get discounted prices, but they will give foreigners the discounted price without signing up. They generally don't accept returns, but I had to return something and was persistent about it. I think they finally honored it cuz I'm an foreigner.

No durians. I was not brave enough to try a durian.

Christmas time in Singapore.

Backpackers.... holy crap that's a lot of gear to lug around. Don't be them, travel light.

Funny Ikea Commercial

Old ladies selling stuff

Clean Sparkling Toilets!

Fake watches... Chinatown of course

Ok.... my last country on this trip will be next in my next post: On to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia via first class train.


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jokenda said...

You live an interesting life many of us only dream about! I was lucky, back in the early 1970s, to spend 13 months in Turkey. I learned much about the culture and saw things I never dreamed of. Turkey will always be part of my life.

Stay doing what you are doing and keep those of us, that wish we could be there, informed.