Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shanghai: The French District

The French District is the area where the French took control of Shanghai after the Opium Wars. It's know for it's exquisite beauty, however most people head there for XinTianDi - the new restaurant area. You can find many nice restaurants, most in the more expensive range, movie theaters and some old historical buildings. These buildings include the residence of Sun Yet-Sen, the founder of modern China, and I think one of the first (if not the first) Communist Buildings. Not to be missed is Fuxing Park. This French Park was the highlight of the area in my opinion. On weekends the park is filled with people playing badminton, tai chi, ballroom dancing, and kite flying.


Fuxing Park

One of the entrances to Fuxing Park.

Tai Chi next to Karl Marx

Flying Kites and relaxing is quite popular here.

Ballroom dancing is hugely popular in China. It's more popular than Tai Chi as the people dance for exercise.

Entrance to Sun Yat-sen's residence.. I think.

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