Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shanghai: The Bund

The Bund is the waterfront area of Shanghai running along the west shore of the Huangpu River. The Bund was where foreign countries entered Shanghai after the Opium Wars of 1842. The British made their district along this area and created the western style buildings you'll see in the following pictures.

Across from the Bund is Pudong. Pudong's futuristic skyscrapers are the result of the modernization of China. Shanghai is their most modern and western city. Many of these buildings have been used in films for their futuristic look.

The Peace Hotel. Unfortunately it was closed for renovation when I was there.

The Bund

This man with the cart is running from the cops. I guess you are not supposed to sell things along the water front.

A view of the Oriental Perl and all the futuristic buildings in Shanghai.

A view of the futuristic Buildings of Pudong, Shanghai at night.

A view of the Bund at night from the Huangpu River Cruise. The cruise was ok, not that special.

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