Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chengdu - Panda Research Center

Chengdu is rather famous for their Panda Research Center. It is the most successful in the world at breeding Panda in Captivity.

Panda Research Center

I always see people with big SLR cameras taking pictures of little things like flowers. I don't get it. I thought It'd be fun to copy them. So.... what is this? Another Apple computer style background?

The bamboo pandas eat are actually just grown all over the park. Workers just cut down what they need to feed the pandas.

This is where bamboo is cleaned for the pandas to eat

Ah the life of a panda is the life for me.

Yum Yum... I'm just chilling and eating. I'm a picky eater, I only eat certain types of bamboo

Work? What's that? I'm gonna sleep all day.

Just chill, 'till the next episode
You can pet and hug a 1 year old panda for 3 minutes, it'll only cost you $150 USD. That's some easy money right there. Yes that is a 1 year old panda. Also, as I am a vagabond for $150 USD you may also pet and hug me for 3 minutes.

Red Pandas

Sugar Cane

Fresh eggroll cookies. They were I think 50 cents and soooo good. Nice and warm.

Shopping at Wang Fujing

Spciy Noodles... and I mean spicy! Szechuan is known for spicy food.

A pork sandwich with Chinese bread

Some bread thing

Octopus and Chicken Gizzard.... yum? YECK~!

Ok, sometimes you need a break from the hostel scene. Green Land Hotel, 4 stars or something
Breakfast at Green Land Hotel

Green Land Room Service

Green Land Room Service - they were spicy

What???? Some Engrish for you

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