Monday, December 8, 2008

America Votes 2008... This American Votes from Shanghai

I voted from Shanghai for the 2008 Presidential Election. This was really important to me, as it was to all Americans. I made sure to register as an absentee voter before I left on my trip. I had my ballot sent to me in Shanghai, where I had another American be my witness and mailed it home. I live in California, so I knew my vote wouldn't be very critical for the Presidency, but if everyone had that mentality we'd be doomed. In any case, I was really excited to vote this year and shot a silly video of me putting the ballot in the mail box. I'm not posting it on my youtube channel... it's way too dorky.

I think it's kind of interesting that prior to the election everywhere I went people asked who I was voting for. Everyone in the world wanted Obama to win, and they all seemed to believe he would be able to fix all the problems. I don't think they really understand how complicated the issues are, they simply want the most powerful country in the world to... essentially not be evil.

Everyone cares about our politics and everyone in Asia and Europe seemed to want America to do well again.

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