Sunday, September 28, 2008

Taitung.... sucks

On 9/20/08 I headed off to Taitung from Hualien. The attraction there is actually an island off the east coast of Taiwan called Green Island. It's similar to Alcatraz in that it used to be a prison, but in the Green Island's case it was a site for political prisoners against the KMT. Just one hour away by boat or a few minutes away by plane Taitung is the perfect jumping point to the Green Island.

Biandang - a cheap meal at the train station. It cost me about $2 USD.

Today it's more of a tourist attraction known for it's salt water hot springs, beautiful scenery, diving off the coast, light house, etc. It's also the only place in Asia with a tribute to human rights. It's small enough that you can circle the entire island by scooter in a day... I think to drive around the island it's only 11 miles.

My hotel room, it was pretty nice.

I couldn't find hostels online at all, but a little searching around lead me to a hotel/hostel place. I can't remember the name right now. They were a little expensive, 750 NT - about $24 USD , per night. I think the dorms were full so they gave me my own small hotel room for the hostel price. I got to have my own bathroom, AC, and internet connection.

Unfortunately for me the first day I got there tickets to the Green Island were sold out. The lesson here is to book your tickets early, especially if ti's on a weekend. The next day a typhoon moved in.

Bike from the hotel I used to ride around Taitung.

It wouldn't have been so bad if Taitung had things to do but it didn't. Taitung is pretty much a cow town and everything shuts down early... like 8:30.

Oh look, how nice..... wait! What's that over there?

A water buffalo! (there were more too) Ok, that's it, this place is a cow town. I want out.

Typhoon approaching Taitung.

Tired of wasting my time and money in Taitung I left to Tainan. Damn typhoon, the weather in Taiwan sucks.

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tony said...

dude, i wish i could be like you. leave work, leave girlfriend, leave U.S. and just go have fun....

hahahha u got it all bro!