Sunday, September 21, 2008

Taipei Signs

English on clothing is trendy so often you'll find clothes that are .... uh, well, like: Your Father Si HOT HOT HOT! If I didn't have to lug my stuff around different cities and countries I'd have bought this shirt.

Make Clothes **T Sex! -- I can only guess what word is under his strap.

I wish back home in the USA we had signs like this. Note the cute looking poo, and click the image to enlarge it. Note the English text along the bottom: According to blah blah blah, dog owners will get NT $1200 to NT 6000 if they let their dogs shit anywhere.

Flash the toilet...


I was told by a local this sign exists because people were indeed getting their trousers caught in the escalator.

Trash is treasure? Ok, if you say so... but if that were really the case you'd think there would be more trash cans in Taiwan. Trash cans are really hard to find! It's annoying. I'd end up carrying all my trash to the MRT (subway) station.

Actually in Taiwan Pedestrians do NOT have the right of way but at least they're trying.... well not really. Cross the street is always an adventure in itself.
That's right, eat at Uncle Vince's place. I would have but Uncle Vince's lazy ass was closed.

On a more serious note.... you can click the picture to enlarge it. The sign says we are Taiwanese, not Chinese. Apparently the fight for the identify of the Taiwanese people is still alive.

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