Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tainan Food

In addition to Tainan's rich history it is also well known for certain types of food, and yes, they were really good!

Shrimp Rolls
If you go to Tainan you must get some Shrimp Rolls. They are damn good! Nuff said. Chaou's is very well known for theirs. You can find them in the Anping section of Tainan.

Yes, I ordered three of them. The waiter asked.... "Are you sure you want so many?" Sooooo good.

Here's what Chaou's looks like from the outside.
I also ordered some rice and pork.

And some noodles.

Danzi Noodles
This type of noodle was started by fishermen who needed work during the off season. They would walk around with cries of noodles. When someone wanted them the fisherman would set his things down, cook the noodles, and let the person sit and eat there. Once finished the fisherman would pick up everything and continue looking for more customers. They no longer do this, but the style of noodles has stuck around.

Danzi Noodle Bowl

My Table.

Founder of this style of noodles.

Guang Chu Ban
Deep Fried outside... the bread's so good and sweet.
Inside is like a chicken pot pie but with chicken and some seafood.
Map to the restaurant - if you can't read Chinese just print it and ask people.

Oh man this stuff was so good I ordered two. I really miss it. It's pretty hard to find actually. You'll need to wander around an alley until you find a place with pictures of this outside. It was a little weird for me because all the other stores around this restaurant were for women's clothing. Also I'm pretty sure my Ping Ying of the name of this dish is incorrect, but it translates into something like coffin bread because they dig out the middle of the bread and fill it.

In my last blog I wrote about a lady that took me around Tainan on her scooter and took me to get some Tainan food. Here's the food we got.
This is a traditional fatty pork dish that the people in Tainan used to much more often eat in the old days when Taiwan was poor.
A type of fish soup, I forgot the name. The style here dictates that all the bones should be removed which is quite nice for eating. The bones are used in a different soup.
Pig Gut soup.... I got tricked into eat a few bites. I wasn't a fan of it really.
Shrimp Rolls.... Oh man I love these. I actually had these before the other shrimp rolls in the blog. It was love at first bite. I can't get enough of them.... I miss them already.

Yes Mom, she ordered veggies and made me eat them. Drat. I did too.

Other Foods
Ice Cream while at Koxinga's Temple... hey, it was hot that day!

Some bread thing that was really good.
A simple shrimp and rice dish.
Some really bad miso soup.
Mos Burger - a Japanese Chain

And last but not least, this restaurant Forbiding the pet enters.

I loved my time in Tainan, it was full of history, full of good food, had some fun electronics/computer shopping, and was pretty darn cheap. The only thing it's missing is good public transportation, like a subway system. Busing everywhere sucks.

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hey bro, tainan hotels are too small to bring a girl to crash with! the only way i see to make it work is by pushing all the cubicle beds together to form a nice s.. pateau! :D