Friday, September 5, 2008

Itinerary: MoHi - Hong Kong

MoHi gave me this sample itinerary:

there are plenty of things to do in hong kong.

  • There are those touristy things like repulse bay and other notable historic places, but i find those to be very boring.
  • You can go to shopping areas in causeway bay or central or tsim sha tsui. they have a lot of pretty girls walking around for you to look at. you can go to mong kok for street vendors and bootleg stuff.
  • You can go to the peak. its a place where you can see the city over a hilltop.
  • There is good food pretty much everywhere you go. i’ll let you look for that because it shouldn’t be too hard.
  • there’s also lan kwai fong (the foreigner’s corner). its the place for young people to hang out and drink and party i suppose. its good to go at night. there’s also stanley park, where a lot of foreigners or tourist go.
  • you can go to disneyland or ocean park (snoozers for me).
  • you can also hop on a jet boat and go to macau. its an hour long boat ride. you can check out the new casinos or go to the old ones if you want to hang with the triads. oh, everybody also goes to the jumbo seafood floating restaurant in aberdeen.
  • here’s a perfect hong kong day for me though: walk to eat hong kong western breakfast, go to the arcade and play the drums, then chill at the sauna for about 3 hours, have some lunch, walk around and then go to the track to watch the horses race, and then play mahjong with chinese folks.

Q: do you recommend staying in a particular area in Hong Kong such as Kowloon or Hong Kong Island?

A: either is fine. both sides are big cities and i’m sure you’ll end up crossing to the other side whichever way you go. i would probably stay on hong kong island though. when i went with my parents way back, we stayed on the kowloon side. when i go with my wife, we stay on the hong kong island side.

Thanks MoHi

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