Thursday, September 25, 2008


The great thing about not having a schedule is I can do whatever I want. Originally I planned to just see Taipei and then head off to Japan but I had so much fun in Taipei I decided I would go off and see other parts of Taiwan.

Train I took to Hualien from Taipei.

There is a famous gorge in Taiwan called Taroko Gorge. The closest city to it is Hualien so I took a train there. Hualien has a large aboriginal group living there and is close to Jici Beach. Jici beach is a nice place to go if you like surfing; I don't surf so I skipped it.

I'll blog about Taroko Gorge next. Hualien itself is kinda boring. Most restaurants close around 8:30 to 9:00 PM, a little early if you ask me. There's a downtown area and a little nightmarket.

There's also an aboriginal group that has free performances.
Aboriginal Guys

Aboriginal Girls

Formosa Backpackers Hostel

Outside the hostel - there is a bar and some sofas. Inside there's surfer memorabilia, messages from backpackers on the wall, and tons of books and dvds you can rent.
The bunks are kinda close don't you think? Yeck!

The hostel was alright, it smelled a bit like dog because the owner has 2 little dogs inside. The bunks were way too close but that couldn't be helped. The bathroom wasn't the cleanest I've been at but it was ok. Wifi signal sucked.

Lame Food

Yes I went to McDonald's. I know, I know, all the way in Asia and I went to McDonald's????? In my defense all the restaurants I tried to go to in Hualien were closed. McCafe (a cafe like McDonald's was all that was open). I did however get something you can't get back home.

Grilled Chicken Toasted Rice Burger???? What the heck?

Here's the toasted rice burger.... it's ok. The toasted rice used to make the "bread" falls apart while you eat it though. That gets really annoying. This burger is nothing special, but I don't think you'll be able to get it back in the states anytime soon.

McDonald's has fried chicken in Asia to compete with KFC. KFC is a force in Asia (stock symbol: YUM)

No Draugs guys!

At first I thought maybe the paint for the U was just messed up, but after a closer inspection I decided that the J was deliberate.

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