Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hong Kong in Closing

Hong Kong was really fun, but it's pretty much centered around eating and shopping. Good food really is pretty much everywhere. The locals are up late and always shopping, often for electronics - even the girls. There's shopping everywhere, and I mean everywhere. I got a bit tired of that so it was time to leave. A lot of the younger people I ran into were pretty nice and helpful, but also quite a few of the locals were kinda rude and had a bit of an air about them. This generally goes away if you speak English to them, but since I'm Asian American they think I'm local. Of course if you're not an of Asian decent you probably won't run into this problem.

Sweating like a pig while waiting to go up to the peak.

Weather: hot and humid.... i sweat like crazy just standing outside but that might be because I'm from Southern California where it's perfect 10 months a year.
Electrical Plugs: 220 Volts, 50 Hz and UK style plugs
Dollar Conversion: 1 USD = 7.7 HKD
They drive on the wrong side of the road... even their escalators are "backwards" ;-P at least from an American's perspective.

Useful links:

The down side of traveling by yourself... sometimes self portraits turn out like this...

Drying my clothes in my hostel.

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Anonymous said...

so i was right about the english being feared, haha. its really a culture thing may seem rude to you, but it isn't with appears as if its lost in translation.