Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hong Kong Food

Mu Dan Tin dim sum in Tsim Sha Tsui

Ham Sui Gao - I love this stuff, there's a pork filling inside.
Shrimp Feet - (i think it's called xia jiao in mandarin and har gao in cantonese)

BBQ Pork Buns
This means you're out of tea... please add more water.

One of many Filipina nannies I saw in Hong Kong. There are tons of them. They all speak English too. Nearly all of the nannies I saw had a closer relationship with the children while the Moms would pretty much ignore their children. In this particular instance the child was crying and the Mom couldn't be bothered to stop eating and chatting with the other people so the Nanny took the child outside. Generally I saw toddlers smile and play with their nannies and not much towards their actual mothers.

Jumbo - Floating Restaurant in Aberdeen
Everyone recommended I go to the floating restaurant in Aberdeen. It's called Jumbo. I ordered pretty much the same stuff as above. I've had lots of dim sum growing up, enough to have my favorites and I'm not quite adventurous enough to try some of the freaky stuff like pig's blood.

Entrance to Jumbo Ferry.
Jumbo Floating Restaurant.

The food was really good, it's better than anything I've had back home BUT it's not better by a lot in my opinion. It also cost about $30 USD which is ALOT in hong kong for dim sum even back home in the states. They make the atmosphere a little fancy which i think is weird for Dim Sum since I'm so used to it being very lax. All in all it was a fun experience.

Street Vendor Foods
Some street vendor food.
Fishballs and Beefballs.... really yummy.
Wonton soup and noodles... less than $3 USD.
BBQ Pork and rice. About $5 USD and very fatty... I've had better in the states for around the same price.
Duck... it was cheap but I think i've had better in the states for the same price, around $5 USD.
Chicken Curry.
Watermelon and Honey drink. Mmmmm.
Street vendor style food from 7-11 actually. it was yummy and no worries about getting Hep A. the bigger ones are cuttlefish, the sausage things were cheese flavored. Yum.
Dragon fruit juice - actually from the HK Airport

Spaghetti House
If you get tired of Cantonese Style Chinese food you can drop by Spaghetti House for some .... you guessed it, spaghetti! They also have lasagna and other dishes you'd expect at a regular Italian restaurant.


Jennifer said...

Was it pretty yummy to have something non-Chinese? That watermelon honey drink looks crazy -- is that all honey in the bottom??

Vagabond Vince said...

Actually I just had some money to blow at the end of my stay in Hong Kong and Western Restuarants are generally more expensive so I decided to have some spaghetti with AMERICAN meat sauce. It was good though.

The watermellon honey drink was good, the flavors get mixed so you don't just drink pure honey or watermellon. Totally different from the drinks I'm used to back home.