Friday, September 5, 2008

The first leg… Hong Kong

Originally posted 8/27/2008

I’ve been so busy preping for the trip, making last minute purchases and changes that I haven’t really had the time to research what to do, what to see, when to do it, etc. Maybe that’s a good thing since the point is to show up and get lost.

My flight to Hong Kong leaves in about 12 hours… It should be nervous time but I haven’t felt it just yet. Maybe the magnitude of what I’m about to do will hit me soon and I’ll freak out. I dunno.

Some links to site with information about Hong Kong:

Some highlights I found:

  • Entrance to all museums is free on Wednesdays. One of the biggest and best is the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, which has exhibitions on HK’s history, art and culture.
  • Shopping for electronics: Sham Sui Po has the greatest and cheapest computer accessories you’ll ever find. Head for the computer hardware store just by the metro. The basement has an assortment of gadgets for computers – from those you’ve always wanted, to those you never knew you needed but just can’t leave behind. Everything is on sale at prices substantially cheaper than those in the West.
  • One of the best views in Hong Kong is also accessible from Kowloon park. Head through the park past the bird sanctuary and over the bridge to a pier lit by fairy lights. From the very end of the pier, Hong Kong island is laid out in front of you, to the left are cruise ships in the harbour, and to the right the developments taking place on the reclaimed land.

Luckily for me a few friends gave me some sample itineraries for what to see and do in Hong Kong. I’ll post them following this.

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