Sunday, November 28, 2010

Random Pics from Prague

The following day Ching Yee and I went our separate ways. We hadn't extended our stay at Sir Tobys and they were full for the weekend, probably due to their Halloween party. Ching Yee went to some place super cheap and I went on to Prague's Heaven as recommended by my Lonely Planet book. I mainly just relaxed on this day. I took a few random photos.

I randomly came upon St. Cyril Church.

St. Cyril Church

Crazy Pigeon lady

Prague has a mini eiffel tower.

My terrible picture of the monastery.

The view from the monastery was incredible.

Prague Castle, again. I told you I took like a billion pictures of it.

Some bar.

This is the bar's attraction. I wasn't compelled to go in.

Beware of pick pockets.

Rubin Office center

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