Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lennon Wall and a few other Random Pictures

After visiting Prague castle and eating a bad meal from a restaurant Ching Yee picked out we went on to visit the Franz Kafka museum. Actually, Ching Yee wanted to visit it, I didn't. We decided to meet up again in a hour outside the museum by the pissing statues.

The Pissing Fountain, pissing into the shape of the Czech Republic.

While Ching Yee was in the museum I wandered around, as I enjoy doing, and found the Lennon Wall. It's a wall of graffiti of John Lennon inspired lyrics and has been this way since the 1980s.

Lennon Wall

What the hell is "China" doing on the Lennon Wall? Out of place! It's not Lennon inspired. Someone should paint over it! Yes, that says China, or more precisely "Zhong Gou" in Chinese. See mom and dad, all those years of Chinese school paid off. :P

We ended the day going to the new town area and getting some food. I was my usual fatass and kept eating. Below is a picture of the Natural History Museum. Ching Yee already went and said it's just like any other natural history museum; I find them pretty cool but I've already seen some nice ones state side so a picture of the outside was good enough for me.

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