Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Petaling Street

Near my Hostel, Serrai Inn was Petaling Street, a chinatown in Kuala Lumpur. It's infamous for selling pirated goods. When I was here a bunch of cops strolled through the area. The result was a bunch of vendors pushing their carts away really quickly. I assume they were selling pirated goods.

The Chinese communities here are Cantonese and Hakka. They came to work the mines as coolies when the British Empire ruled Malaysia.

Cops strolling in through Petaling Street. A bunch of shop keepers stared to close up and push their carts away.

I assume these were guys selling pirated goods running from the cops.

shu mai in Chinatown

Hokkien Noodles in Chinatown

Just outside Petaling Street was some fried bananas. I looooooved these. They were so good.

The fried banana stand.

This curry puff was sold right next to my hostel. I really enjoyed them. I'd pick a few up at the beginning of my day and take them with me for when I needed a snack.

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