Sunday, October 31, 2010

Off to Prague

Originally I wasn't planning on going to Prague but everyone I met along my trip said you can't miss it. Thus I decided to go to Prague.

I got up early to travel to the train station. I got to my train, which went to Nunberg and then transfers to a bus until Prague. The trains are supposed to be on time, but my train departed late and arrived late. I was supposed to transfer to my bus at 11:40 AM in Nunberg. My train arrived at 11:38. I had to run to the bus station and just barely made it before they left.

My bus... yes I was running late and still snapped a picture.

Somewhere between Nunberg and Prague

Here are my first images of Prague... my jaw dropped when I saw this.

Prague Castle

Oh in case you're wondering, I will be posting everything that happened in Munich... I'm just behind in my blog as usual. Those posts will still be in chronological order so they'll show up older than this one.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful place