Sunday, October 31, 2010

Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castle

So a side trip from Munich that's highly recommended by everyone is a trip to see Neuschwanstein Castle. I remember on guy in particular, a Japanese America I ran into from West LA (sawtelle area) was raving about it, you can't miss it he said! The reason this castle is so popular is because this is the castle that the Walt Disney castle is modeled after. 'Mad' King Ludwig II (he wasn't actually insane) of Braveria had the castle built as his retreat, however he died under mysterious circumstances and so the castle was never finished. Close by Neuschwanstein is Hohenschwangau castle which is where Ludwig II grew up. Both are open to the public.

You can get there from Munich by just going to the train station and telling information you want a trip to "the castle". They will know what you mean and can book the round trip for you to Fussen, the town where the castles are located. Once there head to the ticket area, just follow the crowd. To go inside the castles you'll need to buy the tour tickets. They are marked for entry at specific times so make sure you get there at your specified time. The ticket agent will help you make sure you have enough time between tour times. Bring your student ID, you get a nice discount.

I grew up and spend the majority of my life in Southern California so I've pretty much been freezing my ass off while in Europe. You can call me wuss but I'm just used the weather being sunny and warm. The rest of you are just jealous. Anyway, the reason I brought up the weather is because I didn't check it before going so imagine my surprise when I saw snow outside while on my way to Fusen. It wasn't really surprise so much as a feeling of oh crap! However that feeling lasted only a split second as I began to look at all the snow covered homes we passed. Maybe this is pretty mundane to people from areas that snow but for me this was new and it was amazing. Yes I've seen snow before, like at Big Bear, but it's nothing like this. After that I got really excited... wow Neuschwanstein is going to look amazing with the snow! Man, I must be really lucky.

On the way to Fussen.
I'm not used to seeing things like this.

Once we reached Fusen I exited the train to see how cold it was outside. It was snowing! Like actual snow flakes were falling. I've never been outside while it was actually snowing. The excitement of snow caused me for forget the cold outside for a second as I proceeded to be an idiot and catch snow flakes with my tongue. I know, I know, how old am I? That's what kids do. Yeah, yeah, well I've never had the opportunity to do so before so whatever! I also threw a few snow balls... Anyway the cold. Honestly, it was cold, but I didn't feel that much colder than I was in Munich, the only difference this time was I was trudging around in snow. That said, I regularly felt like I froze my ass off in Munich so that's not saying much.

Outside Fussen, not far from the train station.

Hohenschwangau Castle

In between Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein

All the walking around in the cold and snow made me hungry. Luckily some dude was selling sausages. One please!


These fried doughnut like things were hot, sugary and good. I already had that sausage before this, so I'm just being a fatass. I got a second helping later too.

So remember how I got all excited about the snow and thinking I was really lucky? Yeah... now remember how I said it was still actually snowing while I was there? Yeah... This was my view of the castle.

There's a castle in this picture. Really! You just have to trust me.

Yeah... what the hell?!?! You can't even see the freaking castle! My pictures look like crap. Man, I went all this way to see fog. Here's what I thought I was gonna see:
I thought I was going to see this.

Picture from Go there for awesome pictures of what I could not see.

Here are my crappy pictures of Neuschwanstein.

I dunno exactly what these kids were building just outside the castle but it doesn't look like a snowman to me.

Oh well, who knows, maybe some day I will go back and visit Neuschwanstein some day. All I can say is if I go back it better be sunny with clear skies.

On the way back to Munich I was lucky enough to sit next to this. Gross. This Vietnamese lady decided to sit next to me and that it would be cool to take her shoes and socks off prop her nasty feet next to me. Not cool. This lasted basically the whole trip back.

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