Sunday, October 31, 2010

Munich Foods

Augustiner Bräustuben serves up a more authentic Bravarian experience than the Hafbrauhaus. You can get great beer and large portions of food here for reasonable prices.

I sat at a table with an older German couple. They did not speak English but through the universal sign language of smiling, nodding and pointing I was recommended this beer: Augustiner Edelstoff. It's a lighter sweeter beer and the old man was drinking it.

I ordered the Bravarian specialty pan: crispy pork knuckle, pork roast, duck and sausages served with dumplings and red cabbage. The German lady I sat with motioned it was really big to which I smiled broadly; exactly what my fatass wants. =)

All gone. What a fatass.

I even ordered another beer. Yes, amazing isn't it? Look, you can't go to a beer house and not order beer!

When the band finishes playing a song they raise a glass to each other and the crowd and drink. They got refills frequently.

I actually went back to Augustiner on my last night in Munich. It was good! I met a nice Australian couple that told me they regretted not going back here on their 2nd night so I decided to learn from their mistake. I learned later that on their third night they went back to Augustiner before moving on to their next stop.

This time I ordered the weinersnitchel. I had my first one in Thailand of all places and had been craving a real one for almost two years. Well I finally had a real one and I must say I think the ones I had in Thailand were better. This was ok, but a little dry.


Vomit across the street from Augustiner... it's not mine!

I asked... what is this? The lady working there said: ham and cheese. Great... ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.

Carbonated apple juice and an chocolate eclair. I don't know why europeans like carbonated water and juice so much, it's gross.

On the way back from Dachau I was starving so I got a kebab.

Quarkballchen - sweet bravarian snow balls that I got in Fussen while visiting the castles there.

My last meal in Munich before leaving for Prague.

I bought this, it looked better than it actually was. Quite a few were of bad quality.

Not food but some brand trying to be fasionable.

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