Saturday, October 16, 2010


I took a day trip via bus to Melaka. I heard there was a lot of history there and it was one of the ports visited by Zheng He, basically the Chinese version of Christopher Columbus. Zheng He took a fleet of treasure ships from China all the way to Africa spreading trade of tea, spices, silk, etc well before European sailors. There's a controversial theory that his fleet actually discovered America! This is obviously highly contested, but it's interesting food for thought.

Check out this book if you're interested.

The hostel owners at Serrai Inn gave me a list of recommended things to eat in Melaka. I did get to try a few but not all. I'm going to post their pictures here in case anyone ever stumbles upon this and is interested.

Unfortunately I found Melaka really boring. The food was pretty tasty but there wasn't very good public transportation and I didn't have car. I visited the Zheng He / Cheng Ho Museum but it pretty much sucked.

Bus schedule to Melaka

my bus ticket

Map of Melaka

Some statue in Melaka I found amusing. Apparently a Mr. Universe came out of Melaka.

Another place where you can let fish eat your dead skin.

Zheng He / Cheung Ho Museum
Admission into the museum

A map of Zheng He's voyages
A bust of Zheng He
A well of the same ilk that was made by Zheng He's crew when they landed in Melaka.

Melaka Foods

Sugar coated fruit candy

This place had these yummy chicken rice balls.

Chicken Rice Balls, quite good.

This little kid was working at the restaurant. I guess there are no child labor laws?

These cookies were soooo good. I can't remember what they were called now.

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