Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jalan P. Ramlee

I previously mentioned how I had met a nice lady named Nicole in Tokyo from Kuala Lumpur and met up with her once I got to KL. Well that happened on my 5th day in KL. After that I went to the traders hotel for a nice view of the towers. After all of that I got a tip from Nicole that the night life in KL is on a street named Jalan P. Ramlee.

Now if you know me in real life you know I pretty much avoid all those places back home like the plague. It's not my thing. However I was in a foreign country and a Muslim country at that. I was really curious, I wanted to see if I could spot young Muslims sneaking drinks of alcohol in the clubs. The Islamic religion prohibits the consumption of alcohol. I was told I might be able to see some sipping some booze in a cup discretely so I went to see for myself.

Well, I ended up visiting some club and was immediately hit on by a hooker. I had to get rid of her of course. Apparently hookers go to clubs looking for foreigners to make money from.

After that I spent my time being nerdy looking for Muslim girls or guys drinking. I couldn't tell for sure. Tired, I sat down on some bench and some manly looking Russian girl tried to hit on me. Look, I NEVER get hit on back home. NEVER. So that probably means the manly looking Russian woman was probably a hooker too. Yeck. Anyway, bored I left. Outside there were hookers roaming the street. There as a gigantic "woman" working the streets. I believe "She" was a he, a lady boy from Thailand but gigantic. Anyway it was a lame night and don't you worry, I came away unscathed and w/o getting any kooties.

Jalan P. Ramlee

Jalan Ramlee

Rum Jungle Club

Another Club

Yet another club... I only went into one. I hate clubs actually.

The band in the club I went into, they were surprisingly not bad.

Beach club, I went in here. It was boring.

Gigantic lady boy hooker.... nasty.

Hookers line the street. I was surprised by all the smut in Malaysia because it is a Muslim country afterall. I guess it cannot escape what goes in SE Asia. Pretty sad in my opinion.

The band in the club playing a cover of a killers song. The manly russian girl that was pestering me walks by and waves in the camera.

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