Monday, October 18, 2010

Europe? Europe!

So I've been working quite hard at my current job. I wanted a little vacation, especially since a ton of people were taking vacation while we were in the middle of delivering a product. Well the product was delivered and I got my vacation. Originally I was asking for 4 weeks but got 3. Hey, 3 weeks of vacation isn't too bad. I'm happy with it.

So for the next three weeks I'll be off in Europe. Great timing, I know. The weather sucks, the US is plunging the value of it's dollar, and there's been a terror alert issued by the US government about travel in Europe. Yay. But when you can go, go. The rest of it doesn't really matter.

I'll be starting off in Amsterdam and finishing in Athens. In between is up to me. Since this isn't an open ended trip my "Asia Tour" trip I already feel really rushed. I doubt I'll be able to really enjoy my time there as much as I did in Asia. Still, I do relish the opportunity to do a bit of traveling again.

My plan is to hit Amsterdam, Munich, Rome, and then Athens. I hope that's not too ambitious for three weeks. If I can visit other places then great! If not, well there's always next time. Places like London and Paris would require lots and lots of time which I don't have now, so they'll have to wait for next time. Ok, next post will hopefully be from Amsterdam!

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