Sunday, October 31, 2010

Amsterdam City Hall: No Public Urinating and Dog poop

Back in Amsterdam I decided it was time to go to city hall and look for a no urinating sign my dutch coworker told me about. I started to walk over there from the central train station area. Animal excrement loves me feet you know. When I was maybe 11 or 12 I stepped in dog poop while going home from the comic book store with my friend. I have stepped in cat piss while walking in the bathroom with the lights out. Now, while walking around Amsterdam and looking up at the buildings instead of down on the sidewalks I stepped in dog poop. Great. Amsterdamers seem to love dogs, and they are always walking them. Well, I guess some of them don't clean up after their dogs.

When I got to city hall I basically walked around everywhere dragging my feet spreading it wherever I went. I wasn't that successful actually, I had to clean it later cuz my shoe stunk. It was disgusting.

While at Amsterdam's City Hall I ran into this little gem. Ha! Hilarious. No public urinating!

I believe the translation is: "It is prohibited in or around City Hall to urinate except the designated toilet facilities."

The entire sign of things prohibited at city hall.

Inside the city hall I ended up talking to a nice girl that worked the tourist section. She was Dutch but I believe lived most of her life in France. She said the bad stereotypes of the Dutch are: they are money grubbers / hordes, they don't spend, they are arrogant and think they are the best, they look down on everyone else, they are always right and if wrong will look for a way to make themselves look correct. She said another bad thing was they make their money off the hard work of others, for example they may not have had slaves in their country but they were big players in the Slave trade, they were not big well known colonial powers but they did colonize Indonesia.

I don't know how true these stereotypes are, they're just what I was told.

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