Thursday, April 30, 2009

Singapore Day 1: Chinatown

My first day in Singapore was November 27, 2008 (Yeah, I know, what an incredible lag in my blog). As with most first days in a new place I got acquainted with a little bit of the area first hand while looking over maps and areas of interest for the next few days.

Thailand was under going major political protests leaving the Bangkok Airport shut down due to demonstrators. Many of the flights were diverted to Singapore where many unhappy travelers were trying to figure out how to continue their trip.

I on the other hand was happy to be traveling again after my long rest in Phuket. I was interested in exploring again and seeing what sites and smells Singapore had to offer. As I wrote in an earlier post my hostel was Service World Hostel located in Chinatown, so after landing in the airport I caught the subway there. By the way, public transportation is great in Singapore.

Map of Singapore's Subway System

So here we go... this is a quick look at what I saw in Chinatown as I wandered around looking for my hotel. I'll have more pictures of these places later when i went back for a little more exploring.
My first glimps of Singapore's Chinatown as I exited the subway.

While wandering around chinatown looking for my hostel I bumped into the Sri Mariamman Temple.

Sri Mariamman Temple

street vendors line the streets of chinatown.

Empty rickshaws parked next to the Chinese Cultural Center.

Found my hostel!

I was in need of a little snack. Luckily the hostel was right next to the Chinatown Hawker center - filled with cheap chinese food. It's one of the few places you can find cheap food in Singapore, so it's perfect for backpackers.

A cleanliness sign. Perhaps it is gentle persuasion considering the strict littering laws in Singapore. Then again... this is chinatown, will the people here follow the law? This question will be answered in a post to come. Stay tuned!

A quick cheap snack, peanut butter on bread.


Illegal drugs kill!

This stand was for the Ah Lo Famous yam cakes. Most of the other stalls were empty as it was between lunch and dinner time but this one still had quite a line (or queue as they say in Singapore).

This snack requires a more... traditional chinese taste in sweets to appreciate. I don't have that, so I skipped it.

The Hawker center selling clothes
More clothes being sold.

Hawker Center sign to be clean.

Stingray? Should I try some? I think the scuba divers wouldn't like that i'm tempted...

Ok, the scuba divers won't be happy! Stingray! It had some very spicy sauce on it. The texture and taste were like fish. It wasn't bad, just too spicy for me. I'm a spice wuss.

Chinatown Complex.

Old people playing mahjong and chinese chess by the Chinatown Complex. This reminds me of a picture I took in Hong Kong, the one labled: Outside Tin Hua Temple.

Right across from the Chinatown Complex is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum.

A quick peak inside the Tooth Relic Temple & Museum. More on this later.


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