Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Phuket Pictures

Porn Laundry

Porn Souvenir

"No I don't want a f*?kn tuk tuk, suit, or massage, thank you very much"
If you've ever been to phuket you know the feeling.

Walking around the streets of Phuket.... hey, a random baby elephant. You can pay a few baht and feed it peanuts.

Dino Burger, Flintstones theme restaurant.

This starbucks in Phuket was completely empty. A foreshadowing of starbuck's over expansion and its current decline? (this picture was taken around Thanksgiving 2008)
Mc what?

Elvis in Karon.

Some homes (I guess they're homes) next to the Kata Beach Bars.

A Tuk Tuk in Phuket. They don't look the same as tuk tuks in Bangkok even though they're called the same thing. There are smaller red tuk tuks in phuket, but they look more like this truck than the Bangkok tricycles with motors.
Muay Thai

Live entertainment at dinner... the band.

Fly me to the moon

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