Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Phuket Hostels

Baan Suay Room

I stayed in a few different hostels in Phuket. Here hey are.

The first one was called Baan Suay. It was alright, the owner's wife was very nice and tried to make the guests' stay as pleasant as possible. Her husband was from australia and had decided to make a home in Phuket. They had two little children together. It was a little far from the beaches and ants crawled all over my tooth brush. The food was quite good and that's where I got a good fill of western food. Yes, western food, don't judge, I was home sick.

The next one was only $3 a night. It was a dorm, but nobody else was there. It was actually not too bad. The person working there was new, a traveler as well who had set up this place to earn some money before her next trip. I felt bad for her because she didn't have much business. There was no AC but the fan worked well enough. There was also no wifi in the place. There was another establishment that welcomed me to use their wfi but that meant having to leave this hostel, a pain when it was raining.

View from $3 hostel.

My bed. Across from me was a bunk. Nobody else was there.

The sink in a $3 hostel.

The toilet in a $3 hostel.

Cold showers only.

The problem? The bathroom had no hot water for showering. This kinda really sucked, even in the topics. So after a night with a cold shower I left.

I found another hostel called Pineapple. It was clean enough. I was tired from all my traveling so I decided to live in luxury. I opted for a single room with AC and my own bathroom. Yes, there was hot water. There was a little fridge, fans, a small desk, a very small TV, and the wifi extended to my room. This cost $15 a night. Besides exploring Phuket I also slept in super late, play videogames on my computer, fixed my computer's wifi problem, and just really enjoyed doing nothing.

My room at pineapple.

My room at pineapple.

My bed.

Toilet in my room.

The owner of the hostel was an british man. He seemed like a man maybe in his 50s that had given up his life in the UK to settle permanently in "paradise". His wife was a thai lady and they had some children together. He didn't seem to be able to speak thai or understand it. They were both ok, and the workers there were very nice but had limited to no english skills. He did try and raise my rates while I was staying there. I just told him to put me in a cheaper room then, which I had no problems going to. But after saying I'd be willing to go to the dorms he said "ok you can stay for your rate".

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