Thursday, March 26, 2009

Food in Phuket

Here's some food I had in Phuket:

This little street cart was selling pad thai for 40 baht. She would cook it for you on the spot.

cooking pad thai

Pad Thai for 40 baht and so good. Oh man, just looking at it makes me miss it.

a little cart selling a abanana pancakes. they'll cook in on the spot.
cooking the banana pancake.

oh boy, this was good. banana pancake.

the first was so good I had to try another. chocolate banana pancake... oh man this was excellent.

Strawberry. It was not real strawberry, just jam.

American Breakfast.... mmmmmm

banana pancake

pineapple fried rice


burger at Baan Suay, it was pretty good and I was dying for American food at this point.

orange and pineapple shakes at baan suay

more burgers at baan suay, told ya I was craving american food.

cheap eats from a 7-11, all of this was less than $3.

BBQ "buffe" for less than $3.

hawaiian pizza. the waitress seemed happy to practice her english on me and did a short little hawaiian dance when she served it.
Wiener Schnitzel, sold everywhere because phuket is crawling with europeans

UFC orange juice.

Dino Burger

Buffalo Steak House "The best steak in town" is also the only steak in town. It SUCKS. It's super small and expensive. It's really not even all that good as far as steak goes. You can make better steak yourself at home.

More pineapple fried rice.

fish and chips.


See those little things hanging up on the cart? At first I thought it was rat meat but I think it's squid... I dunno.

fruit cart

spaghetti that was not very good

wiener schnitzel with fried rice.

wiener schitzel again... i developed a liking for it.

ham sandwich

pancakes with some white crap all over it. i wasn't a fan.

pineapple shake

strawberry shake


small pizza, not very good.

deep fried ice cream

fruit stand

fruit stand

fruit stand

pineapple shake and some flat noodle dish

pork cutlet burger

fried bananas

pad thai for 80 baht
lemon shake
here's me being a pig. the first dish i ordered... noodles
the second dish i ordered... chicken and chips
the third dish i ordered.... banana pancakes

And yes, I ate all three all by myself. I'm such a pig. When the waitress brought out all 3 to my table and saw it was for one person she started laughing. All I could do was smile sheepishly and start wolfing down my food. In my defense, I had just gotten back from scuba diving and felt completely famished.