Friday, February 27, 2009

Pictures of Cambodians in Angkor

Land Mine victims playing music in Angkor because they can no longer perform manual labor.

These kids are selling cold drinks, coconuts, etc.

These kids are also selling cold drinks, coconuts, flutes, etc.
The children in Angkor Wat speak basically perfect english. I believe they are taught english in school by the UN Workers. Schools are only half a day, some at night. The kids that school at night spend the day selling wares to help their families. The money goes straight to their parents.

A little Cambodian girl watches tourists go by.

Fishing at Angkor

Herding cows along the road.

Herding cows

Traveling on a tuk tuk.
Blurry, but a bunch of people stuffed in a tuk tuk.

Huge puddle? No problem!

Workers in Angkor.

Selling Fruit


Shops next to the King's Pool.

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