Monday, January 5, 2009

Bangkok: Somboon Restaurant

I normally would have put this in my food post for Bangkok, but this post is for Rich and Megan of World Ramblers. If you guys get the chance eat here!

I was recommended this restaurant by a taxi driver in Bangkok: Samboon Restaurant. I have to say that most taxi drivers in Bangkok are trying to rip you off, but there are a few very nice ones. In general I think Thai people are friendly, but be careful of the ones that are always working with tourists -- that's where you'll find the ripoff artists. Anyway, I always love food recommendations from the locals as they are always great.

I believe it's a Chinese-Thai food place. All this food cost about $20 USD which is a lot for a backpacker but this is one of those exceptions. It was really really good. Make sure you get the crab curry and the fish. It's sooooooooooooooooooooooo good.

Look for this sign: Somboon Seafood. I think there are multiple locations in Bangkok.

Map to Somboon from my hotel the Twin Towers.
If you're reading this blog I realize you're probably not staying at the Twin Towers so use the National Stadium as a guide to the location. The blue circle from my pen marks the location.
Famous Crab Curry.... so good!

Famous Fried Fish, it was soooooo good!

Famous Fried Fish, I moved some of the greens out of the way for your viewing pleasure. Order this, it's that good!

Shrimp Balls

Grilled Shrimp with spicy green sauce

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Rich said...

Thanks for the article. Just arrived in Bangkok on a night bus from Ton Sai this morning so perhaps in a few days we'll go check it out.