Monday, January 12, 2009

Bangkok: The Golden Mount

After my brief visit to Wat Tramit I was off to the Golden Mount. Climb the 318 steps for a panoramic view of Bangkok. I heard the view was beautiful but I was there on a rainy day. You must take your shoes off to enter the building once you finish climbing the stairs. Inside you can reach the top. But since I was barefoot and it had been raining I got to walk around the top and step in puddles without shoes. Still, for a cloudy day the view was nice.

Part of the 318 steps that curl around the Golden Mount. They're not steep, it's an easy climb.

Small waterfall on the way up

Small waterfall on the way up the stairs.


Inside the Golden Mount

A small reclining Buddha

Roof Top of the Golden Mount:

View from the roof.

View from the roof.

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