Saturday, October 18, 2008


After Kamakura I decided to stop by Yokohama, Japan's second largest city. Everyone that goes to Yokohama also checks out the chinatown there, the largest in Japan. Frankly I found Yokohama extremely boring. There really isn't much special about it besides having a large chinatown. In terms of culture it doesn't have much. I think the reason why is if you look at it's history Yokohama was a small fishing village until Commodore Perry of the United States forced Japan to open their country in 1853 (his ships are known as the black ships to the Japanese). The Shogun was fearful of foreign incursions following the British defeat of China in the Opium Wars and so as such he made Yokohama one of the treaty ports from which foreigners would land. Since then Yokohama has grown and now is the second largest city in Japan.

Anyway since I found Yokohama boring I'll just leave you with some pictures of it's Chinatown and the food there. I had some food in chinatown and think the chinese food there pretty much sucks, but then again my standards may be higher than most people's considering I grew up in what was practically a chinatown.

Chinatown Gate

My Dinner:

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Looks like you pick up some history along your roads