Monday, October 13, 2008

Tokyo - Hamrikyu Garden

After the fish market i walked to the Hamrikyu Garden which was only a few minutes away. President Grant once drank tea in this garden with Emporer Meiji but that site is now long gone so I did not bother posting a picture as it's just grass now.

duck pond
300 year old pine trees

tea house

bridge to tea house

tea house
frogs and a rock garden next to the tea house. how cool! crap, i stepped in it. oops. oh well

inside the tea house

tea ceremony

tea ceremony instructions

video of me trying to do the tea ceremony. you're supposed to do things like admire the bowl.... i can't do it. i don't care about pots and pans.

After the garden i took a ferry cruise up to Asakusa
rainbow bridge
some old boats
people drying clothes, this is pretty common in asia

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