Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tokyo Food

Random Foods

I had lots of food in Tokyo, some really expensive but most on the cheaper side... after all I am backpacking. The expensive places generally did not allow me to take picture of their food, so what I have here is what you can get if you're visiting Tokyo on a budget. You can still eat well I think.

Back at McDonalds..... check out their pie.

Yes, you read that right... it's a Bacon Potato Pie...
Hmmmm, I wonder what it tastes like....
Why it tastes exactly the way a Bacon Potato pie sounds like it tastes..... nasty!

Rice treats
The rice treat I bought.... it was soy sauce flavored. I didn't like it.

Ice Cream from 7-11
Rice and breaded halibut at AtoZ Cafe
Rice Cake Pizza at AtoZ Cafe

Japanese style sunday from AtoZ Cafe

I love Japanese curry, it's cheap and it's good. However people in Japan view the little curry shops as cheap fast food... sort of like how we view McDonald's or Burger King or Taco Bell. The funny thing is McDonald's, KFC, and Starbucks have a lot more prestige in Japan (and all over Asia) than they do back home.

Ramen and Tempura.... mmmmm

Nice to know you Yoshinoya
The beef bowl comes in an actual bowl, and you get tea. It's considered fast food 99.9% of their customers are men. The women are at McDonalds.

I'd say the Yoshinoyas in Japan are a little higher in class than back home but the food tastes exactly the same.

More Yoshinoya, you can't get these back home.
More curry, cheap and good.

curry and beef

The famouse puffer fish.... if it's not cut right and you eat it you will die. I did not try it. Yeah, I know, what a wuss.

Tempura and Udon

My Bento box on my many bullet train ride.

another train bento box

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