Monday, November 12, 2012

Fira Old Port

Whether you are going to take a boat cruise around the Volcano or a view of the Oia sunset from a ship you'll need to get to the Old Port of Fira.  You can get down there three ways.  The easiest and non-smelly way is to take the cable car; a one way ticket costs 4 euros per person.  You may also take a donkey ride down the 5 or 600 steps down.  These are rather large steps covered in donkey excrement, yuck, talk about smelly.  The last way is to actually walk these steps...  If you choose to walk I recommend you use shoes that you plan to throw away.  The smell afterwards doesn't ever really leave your shoes.  Interestingly I learned that people that work at the shops at the Old Port take the cable car everyday.  They get a reduced rate but must purchase a pass for an extended period of time making it not worthwhile for tourists.

 Entrance to the cable car

 The Old Port of Fira.

 My arch-nemesis of Santorini: The Donkeys.... laying booby traps for me on every step!

 Old Port from the Cable car.


 The donkeys bringing tired tourists back to Fira.

Cable car station at the bottom.


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