Monday, December 20, 2010

Rome Food

I was on the run my whole time in Rome, I was blitzing all the sites, so I really didn't have time to sit down and enjoy a really nice meal. I also wasn't really dressed for it as I only had my travel clothes with me and it seemed like everyone in Rome dressed up a little bit. As it turns out I ended my trip way under my budget, waaaaaaaaay under budget. I really should have had nicer food but... I guess that will have to wait for next time. At least I had gelato and pizza (this is for tourists) like every day.

I didn't end up getting pictures of all my food... which is too bad as most of these are crappy foods except the gelato.

My first gelato.. i didn't know you could get additional flavors so I paid for 3 flavors and got 1: strawberry.

Old Bridge, a famous gelataria near the Vatican.
Old Bridge

Old Bridge again.... yes I went back.

Frigidarium.... not famous but yummy.

Gelato from San Crispino, considered the best gelato in Rome. They do not have cones because they believe cones are not sanitary. Flavors are: zabaione, pistachio and honey.

I went back for seconds like right after I finished the first... lemon sorbet and grape.

Pasta from Dino and Tony

Dino and Tony
Dino and Tony - Antipasta

Dino and Tony - Antipasta

Some cheap pizza I ate while running around Rome.

Some balsamic vinegar I got

pizzeria da baffeto
pizzeria da baffeto
McDonalds, tried this cuz it's not sold state side.

A sandwich I got while waiting for the bus to leave the catacombs.
Quick breakfast
McDonalds again, tried it cuz this is not sold state side.

pizza near the train station...

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