Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rome Day 2 - Coliseum

After visiting the Roman Forum is was time to head to the Coliseum! I was able to bypass this huge line thanks to my combination ticket from the Palatino.
haha suckers, watch me with envy as i waltz past you all

Everyone knows about the Coliseum. It was where the gladiators fought for the entertainment of the Romans. Sometimes they fought each other, sometimes they fought animals. Contrary to popular belief Christians were not fed to lions. Anyway, on to the pictures! I am too lazy to write anymore.

Why are there no spaces between the words? Around 200 CE the latin practice of words running together without separators became popular; the practice was called scriptio continua. Prior to that they actually used little dots between words as separators. Spaces were not introduced until somewhere between 600-800 CE.

A carving of on the famous gladiators in the stone.

It was not uncommon for spectators to carve the name of their favorite gladiator into the stone in the Coliseum, not unlike today's graphite.

Bones of animals used in the Coliseum.

The Palatino from the Coliseum
Arco di Costantino from the Coliseum

People hawking cheap junk.

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