Monday, December 20, 2010

Athens Food

Crappy first meal. My first two choices were sold out. I had to settle for this meat and fries.

This was really good, lamb and tomatoes.

Chocolate eclair

Fetta cheese thing

Cheap gyro

Dining at this restaurant required me to sit right next to the road. The cars would drive right next to me, within 1 foot of my body.

Some tomato and beef dish. It was really good. I was eating with the Americans from Phili I met. I was kind of already full so I shared it with them. Those animals devoured it quick.
I met some cool Americans from Phili, Min and Hoa. They turned me on to Fanta since it was one of their things when they travel. They told me about a Pho Burrito in NYC. I really wanted to try it but I knew I wouldn't have enough time during my layover on the way home to leave JFK (airport in NYC) to explore. I did meet another American on the plane ride back that was going to NYC for a bit. I told her about the Pho Burrito but she was not able to find it. I did a search myself and couldn't find anything about it. However there was a Bolsa Burrito from a truck in So. Cal that had a mix of Mexican and Vietnamese food. The place was called Dos Chinos.

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